Sin City Shootout
Sin City Shootout Powerlifting and Armwrestling Registration is open!  

Looking for a great event this winter to pull you out of your doldrums and have a great time with other lifters who are looking to have some fun and set some records?!   Look no further than the Sin City Shootout Strength Expo!  IFASP will be hosting a full powerlifting meet and armwrestling tournament this January 12-15th in conjunction with the Sin City Shootout.  We are looking forward to this event, as it will be a blast with a lot of great lifters and pullers, lots of records being set, and great vendors in attendance!

The Sin City Shootout will last from January 12th through the 15th and there will be 8500 athletes competing in over 20 different sports.

You can register for Powerlifting and Armwrestling.

Hotel and and travel information can be found here.

Remember: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas — except your trophies and bragging rights!

To learn more about the Sin City Shootout and other sports offered, check out their website.